Thursday, 26 May 2011

Le programme missionnaire interfranciscain

Prenant acte de l’internationalité croissante de l’Ordre et de ses missions, il a été jugé opportun de créer un lieu permanent, ou plus exactement, une fraternité permanente, où les frères de toutes Provinces, candidats à la mission extérieure, viendraient suivre un temps de préparation à la mission.
Le programme missionnaire interfranciscain est actuellement de 3 mois (mars–mai / septembre–novembre).

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Interfranciscan Missionary Program

Hi there!

Perhaps you are looking for some information about the Interfranciscan Missionary Programme.

Well, first of all: congratulations, you are searching at the right place.

The Programme is an initiative of the Minister Generals of the Franciscan Orders.

It started 11 years ago in Brussels and, amazingly, the Spirit keeps it alive!

The permanent fraternity is made of friars of the Order of Friars Minor coming from France, Congo, Italy and Vietnam. Twice a year it is enriched by the presence of friars of the other franciscan Orders: capuchins and conventuals.

There are 2 sessions. From March to May we welcome missionaries who are french speaking and from September to November we welcome English speaking missionaries.